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Axis Roof and Gutter Inc. offers comprehensive roofing services to meet your needs. We offer all types of re-roofing on both low-sloped (flat) to steep-sloped (pitched) roofs. We offer new gutter and siding installation and repair. Maintenance on roofs, from cleaning to repairs, to treatments for preventative maintenance.

Re-roofing done right

At some point in homeownership, almost everyone will need to install a new roof. Axis Roof and Gutter Inc. provides re-roofing for homes of any size! We will take off and haul away your old shingles, lay the foundation for a new roof, and roof with brand new shingles. Our roofers can install the same type of roofing or upgrade the materials to a better, more efficient option.


We install all roof types and styles, from designed, tapered system flat roofs to a simple composition re-roof. All roofs are backed by workmanship warranties


Our highly trained, professional staff provide high-quality roofing installation and maintenance along with gutter installation. We take pride in providing unmatched quality in service, pricing, and dedication to the community – to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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In addition to re-roofing, we also offer:

  • Roof Repair This includes replacing shingles, repairing storm damage, reattaching loose shingles, flashing repair, soffit and fascia repair, ridge caps, chimneys, skylights, valley leaks and much more. Whether you have a small leak or crack, or shingles that are curling up, we will fix your roof quickly and affordably.

  • Roof Cleaning & Treating This includes the removal of moss, algae, needles and leaves. We have two systems to clean your roof. Wash your roof with our low-pressure water cleaning (most popular) to our air cleaning method, restoring the natural color of your shingles.

  • Gutter Cleaning & Repair With our experienced staff and specialized equipment, we will remove excess leaves and debris, clearing the way for water to flow through as it should. We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year.

  • New Gutters We install our new gutter systems with 2x the recommended fastener length to be assured they will hold up to the heavy debris of overflowing gutters to snow loads. All new gutter systems come with workmanship warranties.

  • Window Cleaning Our window cleaning professionals will leave your home or office with great-looking results. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, and safe practices, our tandem window cleaning crews will clean interior as well as exterior windows and screens.

  • Power Washing We offer power washing for your driveway, patios, sidewalks, decks, stairs, fences and siding to list a few.

"We would like to praise your company for the great job you did on our home and shop. Steven, Chris and Dylan of your crew kept us informed of every step they were taking. A complete clean up took place each evening. What great guys to work with. We have you on our calendar for next year!”


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